Cloud Block Storage Issues

Saturday Apr 30, 2016

CBS Volumes in Read-Only State | ORD1
09:22 AM EDT
On 27 April 2016, at approximately 02:37 CDT, an aggregation router in the ORD1 data center reloaded unexpectedly during a planned maintenance. The device came back online at 02:42 CDT. During this time, customers may have experienced loss of connectivity.

Due to this issue, Cloud Block Storage volumes may have come back online in read-only mode. To restore full read-write access to affected storage volumes, customers should take the following actions in listed order:

(1) Unmount the storage volume
(2) Run a file system check (linux: fsck, Windows: chkdsk)
(3) Remount the volume in read-write mode

Please Note: to avoid risk of data corruption, customers must unmount affected storage volumes PRIOR TO the file system check.

If you have questions, or require additional assistance, please contact a member of your support team.